Meet the Characters

Nebu Smith

The Pyschonaut Engineer

Nebu Smith is a brilliant but troubled Engineer with a propensity for psychedelic experimentation. A skilled engineer he has been hired for his expertise in habitat building as well as for his general engineering skill. He wears a AR visor which augments his filed of vision with technological information about his environment.

Special Skills

  • Insight
  • QuickFix

Mary Ann

The Artist

Mary Ann is a visual artist and always carries around a sketch book. Her room is decorated with her sketches of the ship and crew.

Fingers are always stained with ink and charcoal. She is intuitive with a creative mind.

Special Skills

  • Insight


The Android

Sent by a private robotics company to send data to her host company throughout the trip who publish parts of the stream in a reality TV format.

Nevene T-22 is a cybernetic sentient being, programmed to mimic human emotion and human behaviour. She is extremely charismatic and seductive. Her core programming routine is to serve the robotics company that gave her life.

Special Skills

  • Seduction
  • Hacking