About Crimson Horizon

Crimson Horizon is an interactive story game currently under development – the result of a collaboration between a writer and an artist / game developer. The genesis of the project came about from wanting to create an interesting science fiction story considering the new emerging frontier of space travel and colonisation through the lens of a series of brilliant but ‘human’ characters each with competing agendas, issues and personalities. It is still in the stages of prototyping – technically and creativity to pursue a vision of an ambitious and engaging game which we hope will bring a new type of immersive experience to gamers and readers alike.

We have produced working drafts of the narrative and dialogue as well as concept art, music, sound as well as prototype builds. View the blog for more background information about our ongoing working process for more information, as well as our prototype gallery and gallery for more media showcasing the ongoing development of the game.

The Creative Team

Chris Godber

Lead Developer / Concept Artist

A British visual artist, developer and writer based in London



Bradley Reynolds

Key Writer

An American writer and publisher / Editor at Falchion Publishing